Wreck Diving

San Diego's Wreck Alley is one of the most popular dive destinations in Southern California. Wrecks such as HMCS Yukon and Ruby E. are home to a rich sea life and is a great spot for underwater photography.

  • HMCS Yukon
  • Ruby E.
  • El Ray
  • NOSC Tower
  • Ingraham Street Bridge

Kelp & Canyon Diving

California's kelp forests are world-renound for their rich, developed plant and sea life. The beds cover rocky reefs, pinnacles, and shevles, and usually reach depths of 30-90 feet.

  • God's Rock
  • Quast Rock
  • Three Fingers Reef
  • New Hope Rock
  • Ancient Sea Cliffs
  • Train Wheels
  • Horses Head

Technical Diving

Swann Charters offers dives for technical and advanced sport diving. Contact us for more information regarding technical dive types offered.

  • USS Hogan
  • Missile Tower
  • P-38
  • Cape Charles
  • High Seas
  • Murray Head
  • Boundary Wall/South Wall
  • Scripts Canyon